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Dub Proof

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A minor delight of creamy peanut butter and saucy jelly combined with a sprinkle of dub.

If you took the conscience of Bob Marley, the funk of George Clinton, the boom-bap of classic hip-hop, and the abstract delays and reverbs of 70's dub reggae you'd have the recipe for Dub Proof's songs. While occasionally venturing into more psychedelic and jazzy territory the band has always emphasized paring rhythms down to their essence and staying true to what they believe is the root of music.

EP Credits: Produced by - Nick Paolise Mastered by - Alex Psaroudakis Bass- Nick Paolise Drums - Chase McShae Drum Programming - Nick Paolise Guitar - David Costanos & Nick Paolise Melodica - Addis Pablo Keyboards - Addis Pablo & Nick Paolise Vocals - Rory Fream

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