Irish Coffee Dub

Dub Proof

All original dub vibes. Deep bass, haunting melodies, trailing echoes, perfect for any cup of coffee.

Irish Coffee Dub.... Started out as a woozy Sunday morning bassline and quickly evolved into a Float Rocking Dub. It was Belmar's St Patricks Day parade and we were riding a float and sipping whiskey in our coffee's. That's how the song got it's name. Whiskey tends to be a theme in this band. The day was cold but lively, and an amazing vibe for our creative energies. The melodies seemed to float out of the air and into Addis's melodica. Rory and Dave fell right in tune with beautiful harmonies... What a day! We finally captured the essence of the song and we hope you enjoy it. Irish Coffee Dub. Positive Vibes! -Dub Proof

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