The Harvard Years: The Best of Joe Harvard with Dub Proof

Dub Proof & Joe Harvard

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Dub Proof is a New Jersey based reggae band mixing in elements of dub, reggae, rock, old school hip-hop, and funk. This album is Dedicated to Joe Harvard.

If you took the conscience of Bob Marley, the funk of George Clinton, the boom-bap of classic hip-hop, and the abstract delays and reverbs of 70's dub reggae and psycadelic rock you'd have the recipe for Dub Proof's songs. While occasionally venturing into more electronic and jazzy territory the band has always emphasized paring rhythms down to their essence and staying true to what they believe is the root of music. This album is Dedicated to Joe Harvard, Onebannedman, Doctor Danger, Aiden, Mal and all the Harvard family and kittys. This is a compilation of live and studio tracks where Joe Harvard shines. Joe's musical talents are solidly expressed across these 13 tracks including some classic Joey banter. Joe is an artist in the truest form, not only with Dub Proof but in all of his many incarnations of The Joe Harvard Band, Velveeta, The Cockwalkers, Onebannedman, Doctor Danger. Harvard is also know for his Up-Cycle art projects, as a published author, and of course his involvement at the famed Fort Apache in Boston. Joe’s given so much of himself to this world that we hope this collection of songs with Dub Proof can shine some light on his legacy and the amazing human being he was. Rest In Power Joey, we miss you.

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